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By Muhd Syafiq Adam (Year 6)

Last week, T.Azra talked about Palestine. It was very touching.  The Palestinians are very brave.

Even though they were being attacked by the Israel soldiers, they would go to school. T.Azra showed some slides about the Palestinians.


      T.Azra asked us what we can do to help the Palestinians. Some of the students gave marvelous ideas like giving medicine, doa, money, toys and even bazookas. They were very creative.

     T.Azra showed us pictures of Palestine students at their schools. T.Azra is going to Palestine to help rebuild their schools that have been destroyed during the attack. There was a small little girl sitting on a wheelchair because she lost her leg. It was very sad.

     T.Azra is going to drive a mini bus to Palestine because she wants to give mini buses to the schools in Palestine. A lot of people volunteered to help T.Azra. Some of the volunteers are from Ireland, Italy, England, Turkey and other countries. They want to help T.Azra go to Palestine.

      I hope that T.Azra will have a safe journey to Palestine. We can help the Palestinians by giving money. I hope that the Palestinians will have freedom one day maybe not today but tomorrow.